Our Youth...the hope of the future.

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Enabling Advocate...For Better Health and Education

INFOBUCK.COM has taken on the challenge of raising funds nationwide for schools by means of book distribution with the following selections:

"A Moment I Cherished"

"Avenue...The Davis Avenue Story 1799-1986"

" I Have Come Too Far From Where I Started"

"In Memory of You, An Educational Legacy"

"Seven Golden Gifts To Health And Wealth"

"The Centralians, 1947-1970"


No society can force education...it has to be earned by those in need of it.

Our Mission Nationally...Better Health and Education

INFOBUCK.COM in conjunction with our solely owned online publication, "The Roanoke Tribune.com" seeks to spread improved health and education across America...

Special Notice... 

Bobby Buck, owner of INFOBUCK.COM, is also sponsoring a fundraiser to assist young people in college, such as Mr. Phillip Knox, the young poet and writer of "A Moment I Cherished."

In order to assist these young collegians, Bobby Buck's College Fund was created in Mobile. All of the books listed can be ordered directly from Buck Publishing with a contribution of ten dollars or more.

Make checks or money orders payable to Bobby Buck's College Fund and send to Buck Publishing, PO Box 12231, Roanoke, VA 24023 to receive download. 

Thank you.